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Geisteswissenschaften und Theologie
Marker Kästchen Berufsperspektiven und Schlüsselkompetenzen – Informationsangebot
Marker Kästchen American Studies (B.A. & M.A.)
Marker Kästchen Antike Kulturen (B.A.)
Marker Kästchen English Philology (B.A., M.A. & M.Ed.)
Marker Kästchen Frankreich- und Frankophoniestudien/ Französisch (B.A., Lehramt)
Marker Kästchen Interkulturelle Germanistik (M.A., M.A. Double Degree)
Marker Kästchen Iranistik (B.A.), Iranian and Persianate Studies (M.A.)
Marker Kästchen Italienstudien/ Italienisch (B.A., 3. Unterrichtsfach)
Marker Kästchen Kulturanthropologie/ Europäische Ethnologie
Marker Kästchen Portugal- und Brasilienstudien/ Portugiesisch (B.A.)
Marker Kästchen Russisch (B.A. Lehramt & M.Ed.)
Marker Kästchen Slavische Philologie (B.A. & M.A.)
Marker Kästchen Spanien- und Hispanoamerikastudien/ Spanisch (B.A., Lehramt)
Marker Kästchen TransRomania-Studien: Romanische Sprachen, Literaturen und Kulturen (M.A.)
Naturwissenschaften, Mathematik, Informatik
Marker Kästchen Angewandte Data Science (B.Sc.)
Marker Kästchen Angewandte Informatik (B.Sc.)
Marker Kästchen Applied Computer Science (M.Sc.)
Marker Kästchen Biochemie (B.Sc.)
Marker Kästchen Biologie (B.A.) (Lehramt)
Marker Kästchen Biologie (B.Sc.)
Marker Kästchen Biologische Diversität und Ökologie (B.Sc.)
Marker Kästchen Chemie (B.Sc. & M.Sc.)
Marker Kästchen Forstwissenschaften und Waldökologie (B.Sc.)
Marker Kästchen Geographie (B.Sc.)
Marker Kästchen Geowissenschaften (B.Sc.)
Marker Kästchen Mathematik (B.A.) (2-Fächer)
Marker Kästchen Mathematik (B.A.) (Lehramt)
Marker Kästchen Mathematik (B.Sc.)
Marker Kästchen Physik (B.Sc. & M.Sc.)
Marker Kästchen Sustainable International Agriculture (M.Sc.)
Marker Kästchen Psychologie (B.Sc.)
Rechts‐, Wirtschafts‐ und Sozialwissenschaften
Marker Kästchen Ethnologie (B.A.)
Marker Kästchen Geschlechterforschung (B.A.)
Marker Kästchen Indienstudien (B.A.)
Marker Kästchen Jura (Staatsexamen, B.A. 2-Fächer)
Marker Kästchen Lehramt an Gymnasien (B.A. & M.Ed.)
Marker Kästchen Politikwissenschaft (B.A.)
Marker Kästchen Rechtswissenschaften (Staatsexamen, B.A. 2-Fächer)
Marker Kästchen Sozialwissenschaften (B.A.)
Marker Kästchen Soziologie (B.A.)
Marker Kästchen Sport (B.A.)

Course orientation 2.0 – explore your desired course now online!

Thanks to the online course orientation you will find out if your desired course at the University of Göttingen would suit you.

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Every Section offers information, videos and examples of tasks about the following questions:

  • What study contents can I expect from this particular degree course?
  • What are my vocational opportunities after studying?
  • Which topics will I be facing in the degree course? What is required from me? Am I interested in those topics and can I fulfill those requirements?
  • How do I organize my course and what are the financing possibilities?
  • How is the atmosphere at the university, at the departments and in the university city Göttingen in general?

English online course orientation:

Colour scheme Biochemie American Studies (B.A. & M.A.)
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Colour scheme Biochemie Applied Computer Science (M.Sc.)
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Colour scheme Englsem English Philology (B.A., M.A. & M.Ed.)
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Colour scheme Sustainable International Agriculture Sustainable International Agriculture (M.Sc.)
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You can obtain support for choosing a course from the Central Student Advisory Service or from the student advisory services of the faculties.

German Version click here:

Deutsche Version
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